The Barge Vetting System (BVS) is a comprehensive safety management system that stores technical and operational data on European barges. It is an online system that provides an independent assessment of vessel compliance with established criteria for maintenance, cargo-handling operations, safety, quality, environmental protection and security.

The vetting process is a thorough assessment that enables clients to select the right vessel. The Barge Vetting System provides a clear overview of the performance of a barge and makes it easy for shipping companies, charterers, clients and other stakeholders to compare the capabilities of different vessels. As a management system the BVS also supports ship owners by proactively encouraging them to improve their performance in specific areas. Developed by and for the inland navigation sector, the system establishes whether a vessel is classified as substandard, standard or above standard based on an audit by an independent auditor. High-scoring vessels are highlighted and the system also includes an environmental index.

The Barge Vetting System enables inland shippers to access all vessel data through a central system. This simplifies the communication with stakeholders. From the carrying capacity of a vessel to the status of its certificates, the BVS ensures that all data is always available so the technical and operational performance of a vessel can be checked at any time.

Barge Database

Barge Database

The Barge Vetting System stores technical and operational data on European barges. The information can be accessed easily via the internet and a customisable dashboard can be configured to meet requirements. The system provides accurate and reliable information about the quality of a vessel and its safety and environmental performance.

Monitor Performance

Monitor Performance

You can monitor the performance of your fleet in real time through a customisable dashboard and compare it with a selection of vessels chosen by you. For example, you can benchmark your vessels against the industry average. It is also possible to compare vessels within your fleet and get the crew involved in improving the score.

Search in the database

Zoek in de Database

You can use the Barge Vetting System to run a search for the right vessels based on operational requirements. The search results can be refined according to various criteria, so you can choose from the most suitable vessels.

Voordelen Barge Vetting System

Why a Barge Vetting System?

The inland navigation sector plays an essential role in the transport of goods in Europe. As a mode of transport, inland navigation is relatively clean. It also achieves economies of scale and is a relatively safe and reliable form of shipping. Yet incidents can and do occur in the inland navigation sector.

Governments stress the importance of inland navigation and believe the sector should play a leading role in the transport chain. To maintain and expand this leading role it is necessary to provide clear and detailed information about the performance of individual vessels. This creates transparency for all stakeholders and allows efficient monitoring of the level of compliance.

The availability of vessel data makes clients and stakeholders assume more responsibility for the performance of both individual vessels and groups of vessels. Operating substandard vessels involves various risks. There is such a thing as supply chain responsibility. The Barge Vetting System enables parties to identify vessels that most effectively meet transport requirements. The risk posed by a vessel is influenced by factors such as maintenance, management, crew and the (management) systems on board. The Barge Vetting System systematically records, processes and displays all vessel performance data. This makes it possible for clients to choose the best vessels, which in turn continues to optimise the supply chain.

Within the system data is exchanged in a responsible manner and success stories are shared. This ensures that best practices are quickly adopted throughout the industry and impact positively on the performance of the sector. The system also improves communication between vessel and shore.

Improve your operations

Barge owners

Vessel owners can view the performance of your fleet in real time with the Barge Vetting System. All issues related to accidents and incidents are determined in the same manner. Vessel owners also receive customised recommendations proactively to improve performance.


Charterers want to restrict the risk they run ever more. They feel responsible for the transport services that they offer their customers. They can prove the quality of the given services with the Barge Vetting System. It gives charterers a quick and complete insight into the best vessels that are available.

Banks and insurers

Banks and insurance companies can use the Barge Vetting System as a Risk Assessment Tool. It provides an in-depth and full picture of the vessels in their portfolio. This ensures they can take better decisions, can set off the performance against the sector average and better estimate risks.

Terminals and ports

Safety and the environment are high on the agenda at terminals & ports. Operational information is essential to improve the flow at a terminal or in a port. The Barge Vetting System makes technical/operational information available. Ports can reward vessels that score high by giving a discount on port charges. This gives an extra boost to vessel owners to provide insight into their performance and to improve it.

Shipping agents

Shippers want to transport their goods in an efficient and safe manner. A load owner wants his or her products shipped under the conditions agreed on in advance without unexpected delays or incidents. Load owners, therefore, want to assess the performance of vessels that they charter. This will prove compliance and surprises are prevented as much as possible.

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Advantages of the BVS

  • The Barge Vetting System is an online system that is available 24/7.
  • The system provides immediate insight into vessel performance.
  • The customisable dashboard can be tailored to your needs.
  • Complete picture of a large number of barges (including dimensions and certificates).
  • Possible to search for the most suitable vessels for a particular task.
  • Benchmarking of vessels.
  • Vetting performed by independent auditors.